Your community needs you!

Community IT

Microsmith donates much time to recycling devices to extend their life and prevent them from going to landfill by helping the community and donating devices to much needed causes.

Throughout the last few years, especially since Covid 19 struck the world, there has been a demand for devices to enable us to keep in touch and continue studies.

We have partnered with many local charities such as the Rotary Club, Homeless charities and many schools and community services to help make sure that no matter what anyone’s circumstances are everyone receives the same opportunities in life.

How can you help?

We can accept broken or working devices you no longer want and are going to send to landfill. We have a simple online form for you to fill in. This will then help us determine if this device will be suitable to refurbish and pass on. 

Then we will contact you to arrange collection if suitable, or let you know if it isn’t.

Why do we need to check?

We are grateful for any potential donation, but as you can imagine some devices are simply too old for us to be able to install the chrome software needed for the children to continue their studies, or the IOS on older phones are no longer supported with security updates and therefore would put our receivers at risk.

A small number of refurbished devices are sold on our website, buying a refurbished device from us will help massively because the profits are used for parts to refurbish other devices for donation. We do not receive monetary donations or grants so this enables us to continue the cycle.

How can we request a device?

Simply speak to a school, charity or community support worker and ask them to get in touch with your requirement and we will do our best to try and support.

Please do not make the request personally to us or we will not be able to process it.

It is easy being green.

At the very core of what we do –repairing devices we are helping to keep our landfills clean. Emptier landfills = fewer toxins in the environment. When we collect your device instead of instantly discarding it, you are already doing your part.

Before you donate your devices, please make sure you have signed out of any google accounts, find my iPhone etc, and ideally factory reset. We can offer assistance if needed.

To remove the Apple ID

You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi so that the phone can connect to Apple servers.

When the steps highlight with the orange arrows are completed, You’ll be able to do a Hard reset and restore the phone to factory settings feeling confident no one will be able to restore any of your data.

If purchasing a used phone, check that the above has been done or do it upon purchase as if you discover this later and the seller forgets the passcode or cannot be contacted, you’ll not be able to use your new phone.

There is no other way to remove the cloud lock without the owner of the phone putting in the password.

If you are the owner of the phone and you have forgotten the password, there are instructions on Apple’s website to help you to recover the password.