I have used Microsmith’s services before, so when I had a problem with a desktop computer, I didn’t hesitate. My 8 year old desktop had slowed down. It took at least 5 minutes to start. I contacted them and they came and unplugged it all and took it away. I also asked them to check if it was able to be upgraded to Windows 11. They kept in touch throughout and it was decided a SSD would speed it up. So a SSD was fitted as the primary drive and the original HDD as a secondary drive. It wasn’t suitable for Windows 11, but it will fine for the next few years. It now starts immediately. I asked them to look at my laptop too as the battery had stopped working. As it was unsuitable for Windows 11, I asked if it could be converted into a Chromebook. When it was returned, I hated the Chrome Ready operating system and asked for it to be changed back to Windows 10.

I cannot recommend Microsmith highly enough. Their service is fantastic and I will be using them again.

Karen Wilkinson