SSD Upgrades

Supercharge! your PC with a new SSD.

This info is applicable to Laptops, PC’s, Macbooks and iMacs.

Over time your hard drive will become cluttered, slow and laggy as it fills up with fragmented data or fails to read / write when bad sectors start to appear or the heads wear away. it’s not uncommon or surprising as hard drives are afterall a mechanical spinning disc that has a service life of only a few years, eventually it will … Stop.

A SSD is different.

Briefly, A Solid State Drive is one big chip, also known as a Flash Drive or NAND Chip. ever wondered why your phone operates faster than your pc or laptop? that’s because your phone has one of these beauties built into it.

The biggest difference between a mechanical HDD and a SDD is that a HDD has a seek time, meaning the head has to travel to an area of where the data is stored and read it out, im sure you are familiar with the term ‘Fragmented Drive’ and many of you have needed to ‘Defrag’ your drive at some point. File system fragmentation increases disk head movement and seek times. Defragging is the process of moving the data on the HDD in an arrangement where disk head movement can be kept minimal therefore increasing seek times and system performance.

An simple explanation of how seek times and fragmentmented data work.

Imagine a record player. you’ve just popped on Queen’s Greatest Hits.

Side: A – Track: 2.

You are geared up ready to belt out your version of Bohemian Rhapsody Standy by air guitar…. and then, suddenly as you are in full lyrical flow the track stops, someone has stored the rest of Bohemian Rhapsody where track 7 is, so the needle lifts up, travels to where track 7 is and continues playing the rest of track 2.

To optimize that record, and reduce the head movement you would need to defrag it so the block containing the end of track 2 can be moved next to the block that contains the start of track 2.

With an SSD there is no variable seek time or rotational latency, as every part of the SSD can be accessed in the same amount of time. This massively speeds up system performance WooHoo! Also, SSD’s come with a 3 year warranty! So upgrading to one will prolong the life of your device for at least another 3 years.

When you have a SSD upgraded carried out by us, you’ll also get a full service of the device, so that’s a full tear down of the laptop or PC, a full clean up, dust removal, etc etc. and if you are using Windows 7, we can upgrade you to windows 10..

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