St Woolos Primary School

This weeks delivery of 8 refurbished laptops and 5 tablets went to St Woolos Primary School in Newport.

We met with Heather Vaughan and Naseem Bashier at the school earlier today and handed them over.

These will be put to good use! All laptops have been converted to Chromebooks by fitting a new SSD and loading the OS. The total cost to put these out there is just £13 per laptop.

The tablets have had new batteries and have the OS reloaded. Some are older tablets but run perfect when using the Seasaw App. We need two things to make this happen.

1: Donated devices. Laptops that were running windows 7 will do, and old tablets or Phones, fill out the form below and we will check their suitability.

2: Cash! To pay for the parts! Pledge just £13 and help convert a laptop into a Chrombook! Link below..

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