Water Damaged Macbook

We’ve all done it. Spilt some fluid on a electronic device! Can it be repaired? A few things have to be taken into account to answer that question.

  • What type of fluid was it?
  • How long has it been since the fluid was spilt on the device?
  • What other damage has been caused?
  • Is it economically viable to repair?

The majority of time, the device has been left to rot for a few days, weeks or months! Some people will use a bag of rice to help dry out the device, However, rice is not that absorbent. This obviously hinders the repair process due to the board corroding away. When we get to this stage, we can only try to recover data. The rule of thumb is to get the device in the workshop as soon as possible!

Below are some pictures detailing the teardown and repair of a Macbook that has had wine spilt all over it. We needed to clean and repair the board. and replace the keyboard.
We charged £140 for this repair. but the charge is depending on the amount of damage we need to fix, and the amount of time we need to spend on it.

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