Are you worried about the security of your website? Having a website visible to the whole world is great! But this does means that your website is open to attack by anyone. During the course of a week, a website can be scanned many thousands of times by hackers and criminals to try find a vulnerability and exploit it to gain access to, or take over your site.  If your site is infected with a virus it can wipe out your websites rankings. Ruining months or years of hard work, in a few seconds.

We can help with any of the scenarios listed here. Get in touch for some free help and advice. All we need to preform a free site health check is your domain name and permission to scan. All information is confidential. 

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There are steps you can take to make sure your website is secure, however, Cyber crimes are constantly evolving. you will need to stay on top of the game, the latest updates and threats. House keeping of your website is the most important thing, never leave your site go out of date. always make sure you've got some security running on the site


Evaluate users, and define some strategies, always have a up to date backup ready to reload just in case you do get attacked. Often, in the event of a hacker gaining access to your site, It is more cost efficient to bin the old site, and reload from a back up once you have identified the vulnerability and patched it. In most cases repairing the old site is not an option. 


Update your CMS soon as a update comes available. update any plugins or additional software. never use pirate software. and always have a backup of your websites files and database stored safely away from your websites main store files.


Form a plan should you get attacked. A good way to start including security with how you make decisions is by doing a pre and post mortem. Pre-mortem is where you make up a security incident and evaluate how you’d respond to it hypothetically. Post-mortem is how you actually responded to the incident.

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Domain security, theft & hijacking is a real issue. These issue can arise from a hacker transferring ownership by exploiting a vulnerability and gaining access to all your accounts. or a disgruntled employee / contractor. what ever the situation, get in touch so we can help you take control of your domain.


You might be wondering why would someone want to attack your website. There are many motives for malicious behaviour, some including money, spam operations, ad fraud, fame, malware distribution, and just straight up evil people who enjoy causing havoc for others. Hackers hack, because they can. Check out the map of Real Time Cyber Attacks! from Norse and get an insight in to the scale of the problem.


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