All websites now require an SSL certificate

SSL (Secures Sockets Layer) is the standard for establishing an encrypted link between your website’s server and the user’s browser. This ensures that all data passed between the server and browser remain private and encrypted. Not having SSL in place means browsers such as google will show a message on the address bar informing your clients that your website is Not Secure and google will keep your site lower in its search index, and favour your competitors who do use SSL. 

Having SSL is important to have as it not only keeps you higher in googles search index, it also gives your users confidence in the site, most users won't interact with a site not using SSL.
And then there is your site’s content, wording, headings, links etc etc.
A correctly formatted header and URL will make sure you get your picture / USP or message across soon as a link is shared, and not a bunch of random words and a picture pulled from the page itself. 

Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph

We also have social media which uses the Open Graph protocol. (OG) 
For some businesses social media will be more favourable for generating leads than google, we get more hits from social media than google. This article was written on our website, then shared to social media. We've made sure we have formatted OG correctly so we can share not only the link, but the message/ article content straight away, it helps to drive traffic to our site.

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