iPad 8 Charger Port Replacement
We've all had a case of a wobbly charger port, where it doesn't 'click' in or moves around too much. Even where you have to hold it in that one perfect position just to get it to charge.Most charger ports suffer from fluff and dust getting trapped inside preventing the charger making a proper connection with the pins inside, this is a simple and cheap fix by us using tweezers and a microscope to pull out the fluff allowing the charger to work like new again.
The rest of the time where we still have a non charging device and the port is clean from any dirt, it probably has missing or worn pins inside the port and/or inside the actual ipad preventing a good connection which would require a charger port replacement being microsoldered to the motherboard.We have seen some cases where corrupt software prevents the battery from charging and a simple repair of reloading a new IOS resolves the issue, this is normally the first resort if there is nothing visually damaged within the charger port.When we microsolder the new charger port to the motherboard we must remove it from the ipad, as the digitizer (touch screen) is glued down to the frame of the iPad, there is a big risk of it cracking when we separate them so the cost includes a new digitizer as well as a charger port.These repairs can be done and back to the customer within a day.
Prices start from £90

Prices are subject to change, when you book the service we will confirm your chosen appointment time and the final cost before proceeding. 

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