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Tablet Repairs

Modern tablets largely resemble modern smartphones, the only differences being that tablets are relatively larger than smartphones, with screens 7 inches (18 cm) or larger, measured diagonally, and may not support access to a cellular network. We repair many makes and models of tablets, some of the faults we see are, battery not holding a charge, charging port blocked, screen has been cracked, breakfast cereal spilt over the tablet! Failed updates and the list goes on! We will not be surprised by any fault you bring to us regarding tablets, we are a proud supplier to the councils in South Wales supporting the repair and sustainability of the tablet devices used in Primary schools. As you can imagine they are put through their paces in that environment, and we can offer repairs at a reasonable cost instead of them needing to replace. There are some models which are cheaper to replace than repair, but we will advise if that is the case, we are transparent and if the cost of parts is close to the cost of a new device, then of course the best option is to invest into a new device. It’s about having a common sense approach to repairs. As much as our ethos is to prolong the life of a device and help the world by reducing the waste, there are times that it isn’t the best option for the customer and so we will be honest with our advice.
  • Samsung Tablet Repairs from
    Samsung Tablet Repairs from £40

    Screen, battery, charging port Replacements

  • Surface Book Repairs from
    Surface Book Repairs from £40

    Screen, battery, charging port Replacements

  • Huawei Tablet Repairs from
    Huawei Tablet Repairs from £40

    Screen, battery, charging port Replacements

  • Kindle Tablet Repairs from
    Kindle Tablet Repairs from £40

    Screen, battery, charging port Replacements

  • iPad Repairs from
    iPad Repairs from £30

    Screen, battery, charging port Replacements

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Natasha Parfitt
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Thank You! 🙂

Reliable and good value for money. Can’t ask for better.

Tina Weatherbed
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It was a pleasure! 🙂

Totally reconmend microsmith, cracked the screen on my S10 and had it repaired there, dropped it off and picked up… Read more “Ian Pattimore”

Ian Pattimore
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Very Kind! Thank You! 🙂

Newport, A Microsmith Service area​

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my repair come with warranty?

Yes! All repairs come with 12 months warranty unless we state otherwise.

Batteries and other consumables have a 60-day warranty.

Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover accidental damage caused by drops, or liquid damage.

Chat with us though, we want to resolve any issues you have, especially if you have already had a repair with us. Sometimes a new problem can develop after a repair, it doesn’t always mean anything with the repair has gone wrong, it may be that an iso update is required or a new fault has developed, and we can help. Should the part we replaced be at fault, of course we will replace and discuss with our suppliers so they can prevent any further similar issues making their way to the end user.

Is OEM the same as original?

Every component of the device as it exits, is the factory original device. Anything that is replaced, such as an Apple screen, is no longer an original part. However, OEM parts are not original parts, Our OEM parts are built to the same as the spec as original in the sense that they are made to the same standards as the manufacturers. Where available, We do sell original parts for some devices such as Samsung Screens, and usually offer you the choice of original or OEM (non-genuine) part.

Do you use Apple original replacement parts?

We can offer refurbished or pulled Apple parts for your repair, unfortunately unlike all other manufacturers, Apple do not supply or sell parts to third party companies, distributors, or repairers.
Although we do not supply genuine Apple parts, we have worked closely with our UK suppliers over many years, and we are proud that they are recognised for providing the highest quality aftermarket parts.

Are other manufacturer parts you use for repairs genuine?

Generally, all other manufacturers will supply parts to repairers, we sometimes offer a choice of a genuine or non-genuine parts (where we are satisfied with the aftermarket quality part, and there is a significant cost difference) this is to provide you with all options so you can choose what part is best for you.

Are quotes free?

We are able to provide most quotes for free, If your device has suffered liquid damage for example, we do ask for a diagnostics fee of £30 as the device would require a full strip down, boards etc cleaned and dried before we can assess any permanent damage. As you can appreciate this can take some time and skill. If the item is repairable and you go on to have it repaired, we waive this fee. If it is too costly and you do not wish to have it repaired all you need to pay is the £30.
We will always advise if a diagnostics fee is necessary for us to provide you with an estimate

How long does it take to replace a phone screen?

Phone screens can take between 15 and 30 mins

How long does it take to replace my phone battery?

Most models take 15-20 mins, some models can be longer, but we will advise if we need the phone longer.

Why do you ask for my passcode?

We ask for passwords/passcodes so that we can thoroughly test the device, before and after we carry out any repair. As you can imagine there are many parts to be removed at times to get to the part that requires replacing. These checks ensure everything is reconnected and functioning following a repair.
We follow GDPR guidance, we only do what is necessary to complete the repair, ie, test speakers, check camera functions etc

Do you call out?

Yes, we can call out, we will ask some questions to determine if a call out is the best option or if the device would be better coming into the workshop. Collections are also available, free if we are in the area or £15 for an urgent collection, repair and return (subject to availability)

We now have a mobile workshop and will pop up in local areas to carry out repairs.
Some jobs will need to go back to the main workshop if more thorough tests etc are required, but we will advise if this is the case.

Why does my battery needs replacing when it charges to 100%?

Batteries are consumable items, and their efficiency reduces over time, we check every device that comes into the workshop and if it is under 80% efficiency we ask if you’d like it replaced while we are working on the device.

We offer this as a cost price addition, we are not trying to upsell!

There is several reasons for this,
1, To make it safe, older batteries can swell, catch fire even.
2, Aid in a good quality repair, i.e., if we replace a screen and the battery is old, it can swell and lift the screen, so it looks like we did a poor-quality repair. Also, a new screen would draw more power than an older one the battery probably couldn’t cope as well and that can cause glitching and flickering on the screen, again it can appear we have carried out a poor repair.
3, Saves you returning later with issues, that would incur another fitting fee, if we identify a problem and can resolve it while we are working on your device that is always going to be a more cost-effective method.

How do I know you are a reputable company?

Microsmith has been trading since 2008, we are a Limited company registered in Wales.
We have many reviews confirming the quality of our service and repairs.
Not only do we provide a service to the public, but we also have several other small business customers, we also provide repairs to the local primary schools though four local authorities in South Wales, and we also have some corporate customers.
We’ve have been vetted by several procurement departments to be able to become their nominated supplier for repairs and sales. If anyone would like to speak to one of our business customers about our work we will be happy to forward that information (with their permission)