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Windows based laptops are great machines, but unlike Mac’s the hardware isn’t built solely by Microsoft, Other manufactures such as Dell, Hp, Acer ASUS etc all build their own brand of Windows based laptop, and some come loaded with a different OS such as the Chromebook. This is great as it gives us a wider range of choice. However, Whilst we see common software issues such as viruses, fragmented drive or drivers problems, each laptop may have its own unique hardware problem, such as broken screen, hinge, plastics or faulty motherboard.
Regular servicing can help eliminate some of the more expensive problems. Sourcing parts sometimes can be a huge issue, When the time comes, make sure you send it to your local well known trusted repair shop, Microsmith, and we will fix your laptop quickly at a competitive price, and we won’t compromise on quality or service.
Prices start from £40

Prices are subject to change, when you book the service we will confirm your chosen appointment time and the final cost before proceeding. 

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