PC Tower SSD Upgrade and Service
Is your tower pc running painfully slow? Do you need it to run faster for gaming? Or need more reliable space with the extra speed for anything you need to do!Well look no further!During this upgrade we will service your device by,Cleaning every bit of dust out of your PC/DesktopProcessor & GPU heat compound replacedData BackupWindows Reinstalled/upgradedDrivers updatedAll at no extra cost when having an SSD Upgrade.We offer many different sizes of SSD hard drives  which reflect the cost. Ranging from a 128GB all the way up to a 4000GB (4TB) SSD. The 1000Gb (1TB) is our most popular upgrade as its affordable with a lot more useful space to utilise. We can also fit SSD's larger than 4TB if needed but this can become costly.
Our SSD upgrades will speed your Tower PC/Desktop up to 500% with more reliability and lightning speed than the older HDD, which use spinning discs that will dramatically slow your PC/Desktop and will 'break down' as they run mechanically and deteriorate over time, which will most likely result in an even slower PC, loss of data and eventually it can prevent your PC from working all together.These HDD's are especially good working aside with the SSD as you can keep the upgraded speed and ease of the SSD, while using an HDD as storing most your data, if your like me and like to keep hold of old photos and documents this is a perfect set up for you at no extra cost!We set this up in a way where the old HDD won't slow down your PC in any way while using the SSD as the main hard drive.We always do health checks on your old HDD's to advise and make sure they are nice and healthy before we install them for extra data storage if this is the setup you want with your SSD Upgrade.
Prices start from £60

Prices are subject to change, when you book the service we will confirm your chosen appointment time and the final cost before proceeding. 

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