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We have been repairing computers and laptops for over 25 years, we have seen huge progress during this time, one of them is the introduction of the SSD, (Solid State Drive) We recommend servicing and replacing parts before they become an issue for example, one of our most popular services at the moment is the transition from the mechanical type hard drive, that has moving parts and are prone to fail, especially after 2 years, to the new SSD hard drives which have no moving parts and are much less likely to go faulty. The hard drive is where all your data is stored, it is much simpler and cost effective to replace the mechanical hard drives now rather than it fail and be faced with trying to recover your much-loved data. As well as having the confidence your data is safe, it also speeds up the PC by 10 times as the SSD hard drive doesn’t have to wait for platter to spin into action to access (seek) the areas required as per the older ones.

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Prices are subject to change, when you book the service we will confirm your chosen appointment time and the final cost before proceeding. 

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